Inolux customer success story

A USA based Opto-electronics provider implemented
OnCloudERP to manage their supply chain process

About Inolux Corporation

Inolux Corporation is a global manufacturer of effective and competitive opto-electronics solutions, including SMD LEDs, through-hole LEDs, display LEDs, infrared LEDs, and ultraviolet devices, as well as custom modules and solutions. With a goal of delivering quality-focused LED products, Inolux brings together the most innovative and cost-effective of designs, optimized power consumption, and environment-friendly solutions that meets the entire gamut of design and efficiency requirements of their clients.

Case Summary


Complex supply chain management


OnCloudERP can be easily configured for multigeography accountability.


Managed supply chain bottlenecks and enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Key challenges faced by Inolux before OnCloudERP

Complex Supply Chain : : Inolux supply chain operations is a complex one involving multiple stakeholders with data loops and duplications. In some roles they were managing suppliers while in many other cases they themselves were the suppliers. This dual role meant ensuring well integrated operations with key functionalities sharing accurate data with each other.

Lack of visibility: : Inolux’s redundant and independent systems meant a less coordinated landscape which led to segmented and incomprehensive insights, making decisions less efficient and time consuming. The need for an ERP-driven solution could simplify these complex relationships of the supply chain landscape in terms of real-time visibility in their supply chain process of which the role-based tracking was a critical requirement.

Customer quote

Key reasons to choose OnCloudERP

OnCloudERP’s reputation for quick and well aligned implementation approach was the primary deciding factor. Inolux was particular about the post-implementation support and interaction with their users so there was 100% compliance with the solution. OnCloudERP provided to the entire range of automation they were looking for with the desired level of customization in terms of reports and organization-specific requirements. OnCloudERP’s approach of having a demo format that provides a clear overview of the options that OnCloudERP solution gave Inolux the confidence that they were indeed at the right place.

Business Impact

Inolux was able to effectively determine the root cause of their pain points with OnCloudERP’s strategic approach to problem solving. They were able to clearly visualize the objectives of this implementation exercise with OnCloudERP and were able to achieve the level of customization they sought for their organization in terms of data insights formats and mapping functionalities.

One of the critical points in their wish list was getting buy-in from users from different functions and smooth transition to the new ERP model. Inolux observed exponential improvement in their supply chain visibility, with incidence of data ambiguity and procedural inconsistencies being drastically reduced with the new ERP solution. This granular visibility reduced supply chain bottlenecks and enhanced efficiency and accuracy. The quote to invoice flow visibly improved with timely payments and accurate forecasting increased process improvements and productivity.

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