Exceed customer success story

A UK based prosthetic orthotists implemented
ERP for their mission-critical processes

About Exceed Worldwide

Exceed has mastered the art of delivering training to and enabling knowledge building in prosthetist orthotists. They have also excelled in developing effective and customized clinical services, commissioning action-based research, and offering community-based rehabilitation. Armed with a vision of partnering to deliver high-quality and sustainable services that empower persons with disabilities, their people and partnerships form the core of their success mantra. With their reach extending across Asia to potential developing countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Philippines, Exceed is known for its ability to create exciting possibilities and discovering new horizons in providing social welfare activities across communities.

Case Summary


Multi-geography variances and business processes


OnCloudERP can be easily configured for multi geography tax and accounts


Process standardization and integration, across all geographies

Challenges faced by exceed before OnCloudERP

Inventory management: A complete lack of visibility across their core product lines was their biggest challenge. With time being a critical one in their line of work. They were in a dire need of a super-efficient inventory solution that allowed their clients to track their inventory in real time and replenish their stock automatically in quick time

Multi-geography variances: Exceed having branches across multiple countries meant having an ERP solution that had the ability to adjust for extensive variances, including currency, taxation rules, legal regulations, other local specifics, and organizational practices. Hence, the effortless combination of global consolidation with local customizations was a critical option available in OnCloudERP solution.

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Key reasons to choose OnCloudERP

OnCloudERP team effortlessly determined the key pain points and presented strategic solutions for each pain area. The OCERP team’s experience in solving the industry specific problems across many sectors and the expertise in managing multi-country variances gave them the confidence that OnCloudERP is the ideal solution which being a cloud based business model comes with ease of implementation at quite a competitive price.

Business Impact

OnCloudERP streamlined all the mission critical processes for Exceed establishing a consistent and a positive experience for all their staff members which reflected in addressing the needs of their customers and patients.

This flexible solution delivered data accuracy, reliability, and integrity since datadriven insights from the ERP solution provided intelligent patterns, forecasts, and a wide range of reports and options that supported in informed decision-making. With sharp and timely business analytics, stakeholders at Exceed could get quick information effortlessly to take effective business and operational decisions.

The process standardization and integration has helped improve organizational productivity and effectiveness consistently across all their functional units and geographies.

Data accuracy,
AND Integrity

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