Dorasco customer success story

A leading metals dealer implemented OnCloudERP
to smoothen their nationwide branch operations.

About Dorasco Company

Dorasco is one of Bangladesh’s leading organizations in the metals and other commodities sector. Established in 1984, Dorasco specializes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, commodities, high-quality aluminum cookware, and consumer products, and also exports agro products such as potatoes and pumpkin. They also represent some of the world’s most renowned companies, playing the role of agents.

Case Summary


Elaborate business network with extensive branches & looking for cost effective ERP


Deliver a single-view operational capability to key stakeholders.


Increased productivity and Profitability for the business

Challenges faced by Dorasco before OnCloudERP

Managing the extensive business network : Dorasco has an elaborate business network with extensive branches; hence ensuring consistent and effective operations across all their different accounts required a robust ERP system that could connect all the disparate units and deliver consistency, yet manage the geography- and unit-specific variances was their toughest challenge.

Complexity of operations : Multiple versions of data, repeat entries, extensive variances in managing operations across their different units and difficulties in introducing any process update uniformly across all their units were seriously derailing their operational efficiencies across their branches.

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Key reasons to choose OnCloudERP

OnCloudERP’s key feature is its innate ability to integrate multi-unit branch, or division operations and deliver a single-view operational capability to the key stakeholders. This is what Dorasco was seeking as part of their ERP solution. In addition, this integrated unit could help them to consistently deliver process efficiencies. Their ability to incorporate local variances in terms of currencies and regulatory requirements also matched the desired level of region-specific customization that they were seeking at an affordable price.

Business Impact

With OnCloudERP, Dorasco gained complete user control. They not only had visibility across their entire organizational ecosystem but each employee also had the privileged role-based access to a single version of data saving lot of time on duplication efforts

A cohesive business group also had multiple symbiotic benefits, given their ability to consistently implement process improvements and updates with ease. This approach increased productivity and also helped in saving time and reducing the need for labor force that ended the direct cost cutting and bottom line.

Access to a single
version of data.

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