Cloud ERP Solutions for Small Business

The Smartest Approach to Harness the Data Deluge

By : OnCloudERP Team | Posted : 23-May-2019

One of the toughest challenges that every SME faces is the data deluge dilemma. Data is indeed the lifeline of any enterprise; however, oceans of data floating across the enterprise without any trustworthy data-harnessing mechanism can be a serious threat.

The ability to tame the seemingly limitless data right from capture to derivation of meaningful insights is what every SME seeks not just to succeed in this competitive landscape but also to survive in this ever-changing business ecosystem. Why has efficient data management become such a critical differentiator for SMEs today? How can efficient cloud ERP solutions be the perfect answer? Let’s find out.

Data –a boon and a bain for SMEs

Streamlined data flow has become a critical essential in today’s data-driven business world. However, SMEs often find themselves struggling with chaotic data management approaches that drain their focus and energy. This chaotic scene owes its origin to different reasons.

1. Multiple and overlapping sources of data entry

With most SMEs depending on a gamut of applications that are not even sewn together, from HR and finance to operations, the same data is often entered in different formats from different sources by different stakeholders. Since there is no scope for seamless flow of data from one operational note to the other, these data silos affect data integrity, lead to data duplication, and increase the scope for error.

2. Data noise affecting productivity

SMEs often waste time and lose precious data that is trapped within all the data noise generated within the enterprise. This results in additional workload in gathering or transferring the required data across teams, affecting your team’s productivity.

3. Business-critical decisions made based on inaccurate data

With multiple versions of misleading data strewn across your enterprise there’s always a high risk involved in taking decisions based on obsolete means of data capture from siloed pockets of sources.

4. Poorly designed and data-inefficient localized systems

Most legacy systems and disconnected applications do not prioritize data sharing, drowning in overflowing localized data reservoirs. This leads to a complete slowdown of your enterprise, derailing your efforts to gain timely and accurate data-driven insights. So what’s the need of the hour when it comes to competent data management for SMEs?

Data-driven need of the hour

1. A well-integrated system seamlessly connecting every operational node

2. A data-driven, end-to-end application focusing on a single version of truth

3. A secure cloud-based system handling data loads effortlessly

4. An intelligent solution not just capturing and segregating data but also delivering timely data insights

5. Most important, all these advantages must come with a cost benefit since affordability is a critical factor for SMEs.

Do we have a solution that ticks all the above needs? Yes, all you need is a purse-friendly, end-to-end ERP for small business that is tailor-made for your enterprise.

What can ideal cloud ERP solutions do for your enterprise?

1. Leverage intelligent technology such as ML, AI, and IoT that ERP for small business adopts to not just capture meaningful, yet unstructured, data but also transform plain information into business-critical insights

2. Increase enterprise productivity and minimize operating costs, with timely and accurate forecasts, patterns, and multiple other business intelligence available at your fingertips to take the right decisions at the right time.

3. Deliver cloud-based, automated, and data-secure options that can seamlessly integrate across all your organizational nodes to gather and consolidate information so that all your stakeholders have access to accurate and customized information from any device and from any location.

4. Save money by avoiding extra expenses of maintaining a multitude of unrelated applications that work in silos.

5. Minimize instances of data loss, which can cripple your enterprise’s trustworthiness with your customers, employees, and all other stakeholders

Smart and intelligent data with robust cloud ERP solutions

A robust ERP for small business is definitely the ideal answer to all the data-related challenges that your SME faces on a day-to-day basis. Your sustained success in this competitive business landscape, whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, retailer, or a solutions provider, depends on how quickly, efficiently, and reliably your enterprise can turn data into organization-critical and actionable insights. With data becoming a crucial differentiator, ensure that you invest in the best ERP solution that is SME friendly. business adopts to not just capture meaningful, yet unstructured, data but also transform plain information into business-critical insights