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May-23, 2019
Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud ERP: The Smartest Approach to Harness the Data Deluge

One of the toughest challenges that every SME faces is the data deluge dilemma. Data is indeed the lifeline of any enterprise; however, oceans of data floating across the enterprise without any trustworthy data-harnessing mechanism can be a serious threat...
May-29, 2019
Globalization of ERP

Globalization of ERP for Small and Medium Business

Any SMEs,in today’s business landscape, has no choice but to think global. With most organizations having units, clients, or operations spread across the globe, managing enterprises at a global level has incredible challenges,given the need to expand globally...
June-13, 2019
Benefits of Cloud ERP

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud ERP Software

The primary observations from more than 700 different small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) organizations in the United Kingdom were highlighted in a survey conducted by the Enterprise Research Centre.
June-14, 2019
Cloud ERP vs legacy

Cloud-based ERP Vs Legacy ERP

The term legacy ERP in the ERP world too is quite similar. This older version of enterprise software was earlier considered the cornerstone of enterprise-critical technological solutions, but in the current business landscape, it’s legacy status indicates the stagnant nature of the technology, with minimal scope for scaling up to match the ever-changing business demands...
June-24, 2019
Best ERP Software for your business

How to select the Best ERP Software?

The need for a robust ERP to succeed in today’s competitive business ecosystem has become more relevant than ever. Almost every successful organization operates efficiently, thanks to its core framework of an end-to-end ERP system.
June-25, 2019
ERP - The Complete Guide

ERP - The Complete Guide

ERP is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology." Another definition says "The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an enterprise information system designed to integrate and optimize the business processes and transactions in a corporation".